Beauty is Everywhere

Find the beauty in everything!

When we start looking for the beauty around us, we train ourselves to look for more of that. What we focus on grows and ultimately we create the life we believe in. If we believe that there is beauty in everything, then beauty is what we will see.

It might be easy to see the beauty in the sunset, your lovers face, new blossoms on a rose bush, The ocean, or scenic mountain view, but can you find even deeper beauty in them? Really take them in to all of your senses, and reverence and all.

In contrast, can you find the beauty in painful moments in your life? This is where magic happens.

Tragedy and grief have the power within them to transform us. When we choose to see the beauty in them, we unlock new lessons and gifts.

There is also beauty in death. The fact that this life is not permanent allows us the opportunity to see the beauty in the finite. You will never be exactly who and where you are ever again! The beauty is enjoying and being open to fully experience this present moment.

There is beauty in heartbreak. For when we crack open our hearts it allows more light and more love to pour in. It gives us the opportunity to love ourselves deeper and to understand the lessons. I have tremendous gratitude for the lesson and the completed relationships that ended in heartbreak. I learned so much about myself, learned the importance of loving myself, and it granted me a chance to reassess my values and to call in the relationship that I feel is my highest alignment.

A beauty found in loss, pain, grief, heartache, suffering, and challenge is the universality of it. When you find yourself in the midst of pain, you are never alone. The connectedness of this pain that we have to each other is also the key to realizing the beauty and all of it. When we know how this pain feels, we can feel compassion for others, and this compassion leads to connectedness.

I have been learning that even grief can be exquisite, difficult people are here to teach us powerful lessons, and death’s contrast makes life that much sweeter.

What can you do today to find more beauty in life?
My challenge for you is to find beauty in difficult situations and people. What are they teaching you?

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