Tend Your Own Garden

For a long time, and without much awareness of it, I was tending to everyone else’s garden. I thought I was being helpful, bringing lovers bags of fertilizer, trying to help them remove weeds, bringing seeds, and using water intended for my own garden to help refresh theirs. l didn’t see the flaw in the system, even with the resentment that was building for trying to give and give without receiving the same health and my own garden. After taking a closer, more objective look, I realized this way really wasn’t working for my happiness or theirs. My own garden would start to dry up, I would lose “crops”, Weeds will grow where bountiful veggies should’ve been. Sometimes, my garden would catch on fire, or critters would cross the poorly fortified fenceline. It took years and years to understand why this was happening. I wasn’t a poor victim that just couldn’t grow garden or keep it safe from intruders. I wasn’t tending to my own garden! I recognize now and it’s up to me to create a bountiful, fortified with clear boundary lines, well watered, weed-free, and beautiful garden. When I work at my own garden, I create an overflowing abundance! I can now give extra fruits, herbs, veggies, and flowers away, with no resentment because I am more than covered. When I tend to my garden, setting intentions and giving it attention, it multiplies and grows before me. Also, with doing my own work, and nurturing my own garden, I show the value of taking responsibility for yourself. This gives others around me the permission to nurture their own gardens! Now, we can all create an overwhelming abundance to share with others, minus any resentment if they cannot give to us with the capacity we give to them.

How are you tending to your garden today? Maybe you make your boundary lines clear with an enforced fence. You could water it, give it loving attention, invest in some new seeds that you wish to see grow. Perhaps you don’t like a particular veggie in your garden anymore, well, stop growing them and start planting the seeds to use the space for something you do love! Just take notice, are you more concerned with another’s garden? Look at the ways you can cultivate your own beautiful garden!

**Tend Your Own Garden” 12-week transformational course will begin January 6th! (This time, it’s women only and will be available online 🙂)

Answer the questions and join the Women’s Empowerment Group for more details!


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