Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Imagine you are in a boat on the lake, you’re enjoying yourself until you feel a bump in the side of your boat. You look over and someone has driven straight into the side of your boat, it is as though they were aiming at you. This may anger you. How could they not see you? Why did they hit you? You may take major offense to this.

Now imagine this boat has hit you, and when you look over the side of your boat, you notice this boat is unmanned. An empty boat hit you. Who do you blame now?

This is one way to understand how forgiveness works. Understanding that we are not our faults. People make mistakes all the time, it’s a large part of being the beautiful, messy human you are. What becomes OUR responsibility is removing the resentment of the mistakes of others. In the case of the empty boat accident, there is no one to blame. The next step to take is to repair any damages to your boat, and let the situation go. Maybe laugh at the probability of another boat hitting you at all.

It is your responsibility to LET IT GO. Carrying around resentment is cluttering your heartspace. When you forgive someone, including and most importantly yourself, you release baggage and clutter. It opens you up to the beautiful and unexpected.

Find in your mind someone who you feel has wronged you, or maybe you visualize yourself first. Look at them , as if they were the empty boat. As another human being with needs, wants and faults just like you. Look them in the eye while conjuring up the event that you’re ready to let go of out of your life and say to them:

“I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you”

This is the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer. I forgive you because I am ready to let this negative energy and baggage go. I’m done carrying it. I’m sorry for my part. I’m sorry for carrying this around for so long. Thank you for the lesson I am learning from this event and my interaction with you. I love you, because everything is transmuted with the power of love.

This practice is for YOU, not them. It’s their responsibility to take ownership of their actions, but it’s yours to release the negative cord you have attached to the event.

They don’t even need to be aware that you did this. Today, feel what the power of forgiveness can bring to set you free.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you”-Lewis B. Smedes

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