Freedom is my Why

Jim Rohn, a favorite mentor (that I haven’t met yet), explains four questions we must ask ourselves when it comes to what we want our lives to look like. Right now, you may not be living the life of your dreams, but I can guarantee you have or have had dreams. So, when thinking about your big vision, you need to ask yourself:

1) Why?

2) Why not?

3) Why not me?

4) Why not now?

Let’s dig into the “why?” Why do you want the new job? Why the large house? Why make that much money? Why compete on stage? Why eat that? Why upgrade your car to make it faster? Why that partner? Why get into that school?

If you’re unsure of how to find your “why”, complete a values list for each major area of your life. This is something I learned in my studies with Integrative Wellness Academy.

1) Relationships/Family

2) Health/Wellness

3) Finances/Life Purpose

4) Self-development/Spirituality

Start listing everything you want to have, do, or be. Don’t overthink it. Simply unload what comes to mind. Now, define those values; what does it mean to YOU? From this list figure out what you would need to do to align your “why” with your values. They need to align without contradicting each other.

For me, what I need to have, do, or be in every life area is Freedom. This is why I strive to grow in each area, and it’s what I value and need to be in alignment. My definition of freedom- doing what I want, whenever I want, go wherever I want and with whomever I want.

In relationships and family, I seek freedom from whomever holds me back. Freedom from the influence of anyone or anything that is not aligned with me. Freedom to show up in a relationship or at a family function as ME. Freedom to be vulnerable and to share all parts of me.

In health and wellness, a life aligned with all of my values includes freedom from pain (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Freedom from dis-ease. Freedom that comes with being balanced. Freedom in my body to move with ease and to be able to traverse any terrain, altitude, and temperature. I desire the freedom from GMOs, chemicals, substances that harm my body and freedom from people telling me what I can and cannot put in, on, or around my body. When I freed myself from alcohol, I removed shackles from so many areas of my life and my health increased exponentially.

Freedom in finances and life purpose looks like making money to be more of who I already am and the ability to help others in more and better ways. Freedom in finances allows me to travel (on my terms) to experience other places and cultures so I can get a greater understanding of people. My profession involves connections with others. In my life purpose, I need the freedom to be creative and build my business without answering to others (except city limits, licenses, that stuff that just has to be taken care of). It looks like having the freedom to show up authentically and working with who I want to work with. Freedom to me equals creativity.

Self-development I would have freedom from my limiting thought patterns, freedom from beliefs that no longer serve me. Freedom from habits that hold me back. Spiritually, I have freedom to choose a path that makes sense to me. I understand we all have different beliefs and I allow others to freely express their path. Freedom from judging- others and myself. Freedom to LOVE.

Use your values list and your Why to create a life that is truly yours. Freedom is just one of my values and my ultimate Why in life. What do you value? What would life look like if you were living in alignment with those values. Then ask yourself… “Why Not?”!

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