The Wall

I think back frequently to my early education in science. Yep, I’ve been a nerd for this stuff for a while, I just now found the courage to speak what I’ve been thinking! To be me… more on Authenticity later. One of the little snippets I’ve held on to is the explanation of the infinite universe. That there’s really no end, because if you were to wall off the universe, what’s on the other side?

Let’s soak that preceding sentence in a little. It doesn’t matter how many walls you put up, there is still opportunity for more on the other side. The universe is boundless; it cannot be contained. So is your spirit. The human spirit is powerful. When we abide by laws of our boundless universe, we will do nothing short of what we call “miracles’. Be grateful when you get to that wall! Your wall is no longer a block, it’s a gateway!

Imagine this, you’re playing a game with a friend and you easily win every time. You know you’re going to win, you do the same thing time and time again, it’s easy and now you’re bored with the prize. There’s no satisfaction in just being given something for nothing. For being able to do it with your eyes closed. Now, envision your favorite football team during the last few minutes of the Super Bowl when the scores are so close they could come up from the bottom, or that moment you go all in on a poker hand. Now, imagine how great that win felt! And also how hard it was to get to that point. I believe the things behind the wall are great opportunities for success. When the lesson gets harder, the reward increases! When a wall or any obstacle presents itself, embrace the gratitude of the lesson because sweetheart, you’re about to grow.

This wall can be envisioned as a mountain, a brick wall, stone wall, one made of hands bringing you down, walls of dirt between you and the surface, a cave, a well, whatever resonates with you. Try them on for size and see which truly motivates you. Which one are you willing to traverse or break through.

So many people, something like 95% of the human race will see a wall, find themselves in a well, a cave, the bottom of the ocean,  underground or in the dark and think they just can’t do it because of this excuse “I don’t have time, it will take too long”, “I’m too old”, “My parents won’t let me”, “I’m just not that lucky”, or whatever ignorant line we feed the world when we don’t just GO FOR IT! So what you’re in front of a stone wall? Chisel it; break it down brick by brick. Yeah, you’re not going to know how to push it over, or just hop over with ease. This is good, this means something AWESOME is on the other side. You won’t get anywhere until you start, so start chiseling now. With persistence, you’ll get through that stone and who knows how great it will be to experience the next opportunity with some new strength to boost (I imagine chiseling would be a great workout).

Some of us feel we can’t seem to dig our way out of the ground, or we keep feeling smashed deeper into the dark. That we start to push our way out and more seems to pile on. This is our opportunity to grow out of the Earth. We can use those nutrients of the soil to allow ourselves to learn something new, take a risk, expand our mind, and get creative. You have not been buried, you have been planted. Squeeze through it, push your way up and have the faith that you WILL see the light of the sun. Be persistent little flower. No mud, no lotus. At some point in our lives, we will be placed in a dark spot. It is our choice to germinate and make something of the lush ground, or stay stagnant, ultimately dying. Stagnancy and comfort are not your friends. Let me repeat that, although it seems hard to push forward, stagnancy and comfort are not your friends. Dig your roots deep, do not be afraid of the dark, establish your grounding through the trials of your life. Use the dark parts of you to inspire your light to grow brighter.

Instead of being in the dark, our world can seem as though it has burst into flames. The human spirit cannot be broken so easily. Being in the fire refines us. It is the refinement that defines greatness over mediocrity. How long can you stay in the fire? Stop looking for the easy way out and embrace the sweat. This too, will pass and you will come out transformed. Each time you stay in the fire a little longer, a new awareness arises like a phoenix, creating a new version of you. Burn away the excess: the habits that no longer serve you, the toxic people, your limiting beliefs, caring about what other people think about you, and feeding your mind with negative emotions.

When I think of my walls and obstacles in my life, I have also become aware it’s like a spiral. I come to similar walls and fertile, deep, soil and high flames, but the walls get taller, the ground gets deeper and darker and the flames burn hotter each time I am presented with my lesson. I know that now I am stronger, and grateful for the lesson. When I acknowledge these truths, I am ready for the challenge. I am making the choice to grow instead of occupying the lie that I’m buried.

As I am writing this, I realize, there’s no “perfect” time to write. When everything is quiet and I have nothing to do doesn’t exist in my world very often, but my desire to write does. I started this blog after my morning run and as the juices were still flowing, I sat down and typed as quickly as I could. I sent the draft to my email and wrote another part by hand at my hair appointment. Since getting home at 3pm I feel like a whirlwind hit me, I went for another run, came home to an emotionally charged daughter and a fiancé that I’m still teaching my boundaries to. I’ve been interrupted by both probably 10 times now, but I’m still writing. I still needed to get my words out. Your resistance could be the people you live with, the people you work with, your ex-husband, your parents, your friends, your own mind, not just the obvious oppressors. Welcome the resistance and celebrate your victories when you push past these obstacles.

Remember, walls just mean opportunities. The universe, cannot be contained. When walls are built, we must climb them. We must break through them. Whether these are walls we create around ourselves, other people, or even between countries. It’s not the end, have faith that there’s something beautiful on the other side. Don’t give up. Stay persistent!

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