Change Begins with Honesty

In order to transform or make any kind of change, we first need raw, honest, real awareness. Since I started my massage business, I found it hard to stick to a schedule with my workouts. I even shied away from heavy weight-lifting because I thought it was causing pain and was interfering with massages. I stopped my diet I had with my trainer and found myself eating out, grabbing prepared and packaged foods. Dennis and I ate out at least three times per week as well as eating meals from the grocery store instead of cooking from scratch. I quit running and made excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. I’ve been sober 526 days now, but I’ve been eating sugar every day (except for a two week period) since Halloween and still frequently before that.

Two nights ago, I was on the phone with someone I haven’t seen in person for a year now. We discussed my sobriety and diet. She asked if it was the cessation of drinking or vegetarian lifestyle that helped me slim down or if it was a combination. I told her what had worked for me around the time I had last seen her. I told her that quitting alcohol helped with my energy levels, food choices and that my workouts started to actually count. At the time, I had cut out a lot of dairy and wasn’t eating fish. I couldn’t tell her I was still doing these things, because recently, I haven’t been.

On Monday, Dennis bought a scale; yesterday morning, I weighed myself. I know that my clothes hadn’t been fitting the way I wanted, but I had not been honest with myself. The weight had crept back on. At this time last year, I was 111 pounds. Yesterday, I weighed in at 131.8! Twenty-one pounds! Yikes!

So, with that information, I made the decision to get back on track. Here’s the beginning of my journey to getting a svelte, healthy, fit figure that I’m truly happy with. I’ll be cutting out the sugar, animal products, and dishonesty with myself. I will be adapting better habits and choices in the way of food, exercise, activities, holding myself accountable and believing in me! I’m also going to spend more time outside, where I’m happiest, even if it does drop down to 20 degrees. I’m taking action and I want you to follow me on my journey.

Be honest with yourself, be aware and believe it’s possible. Also, the saying seems to be true “love makes you fat”; guess I’ll need to start flirting more with my fiancé instead of snuggling on the couch 🙂


“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”- Lao Tzu

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