Love Eternal

These days, it seems you can’t pick up a newspaper, get on the internet, have a conversation, or turn on the TV without seeing or hearing some form of hate, or some discussion on how upsetting these hateful people are. Hate is not an addition to the world. Hate is caused by lack of love. What we are experiencing is not an influx of negativity. It doesn’t work like that. Instead, we are moving further away from love. In this void of negative action and fear, we have created a vacuum. A vacuum that desires nothing more than to be filled with love.

Do you know where this love starts? With YOU! You cannot expect to see a change in the world until you fill yourself with love. Our outside world is a mirror of our inner world. When you think about it, this is definitely true. We can only control how we act, how we react and how we perceive the world. The things we see, hear, and experience are a reflection of the collection. However, we can’t change how the rest of the world acts and feels, so we must take responsibility of the impact we have on ourselves.

It is a beautiful thing to watch, or experience first-hand, someone loving themselves. Self-love causes us to make choices for ourselves out of respect. We put better food into our body, we become empowered by saying “no” to that which no longer serves us and when we say, “yes” to adopting behaviors that express our authenticity. When we love ourselves, we inspire others to share that love outwardly. When we feel great about ourselves, we are more likely to extend a compliment or help another person. When we love ourselves enough to put down the bottle, the fast food, the cigarette, the syringe, or whatever crutch is holding us back, we impact people around us. It’s as if everything we do is dropping a pebble into a pond. Ripples of our actions grow outward, creating unimaginable change.

Love is the answer. Love fills in the cracks of our broken world. Love fills the voids of hate, because hate is simply a lack of love. We cannot fight dark with the dark, only light can do that. Instead of waiting for someone else to change your life for you, find the power of love inside yourself.

Love cannot be killed, it exists long after we are gone. Look at the love that exists still for those who have passed on. Love existed before any of us can remember. Love is not confined by time. Love knows no distance. Love transcends fear. There is only love, or lack of love. Love Is. Love Wins. You can try to destroy everything that believes in love, peace and unity, but love will always prevail. Out of the darkness comes light. Out of all suffering, love can still be found.

Anything is possible, but it starts with YOU. Repeat this mantra “Love Starts With Me”. Love Wins!398

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