Writing Your Life

190Traditionally, I would consider myself to be more “right-brained”: spatially aware, trusting of my intuition, can see the whole picture and visually artistic. I didn’t really understand the magnitude of the written and spoken word for much of my life, until recently. Now, I cannot imagine a life where I don’t spend at least 10-10 minutes writing my thoughts, dreams, ambitions, advice, praise, gratitude, feelings or speaking to my emotions. I also really love to read and I’m now fascinated by mathematics, chemistry, communications and articulation of language. I’m understanding the importance of balance and no one area of our brains, bodies, or anywhere else in our life is more than the other. Balance and wholeness is the answer to really all of my questions. For today, my focus is on the importance of writing and how its many forms have enhanced my life.

My first try at journaling was in my diary at age 8. I wrote maybe twelve pages and didn’t keep at it. To this day, I’m not sure if it was because I was afraid of someone reading it, I had nothing to write about, found a writer’s block, or I just didn’t care. I went on to express myself more in poetry and visual art, until I went through a really rough relationship and break up in my mid-twenties (I’m currently 30). My journal writing transformed into therapy. I would complain, weigh out options, express my emotions, came up with plans and assured myself I was capable of moving forward. I read this journal a couple of years ago and compared it to my relationship at the time. Whoa! It was as if I could replace the names of my ex with my current boyfriend at the time and the story would still be accurate. Journaling also helped me through the tough break-up with that boyfriend. It was also a wonderful companion for my journey into sobriety from alcohol. I was able to express what I was feeling without letting the emotions take over. When you go through such a change and an opportunity to find clarity, buried emotions are ready to take the stage. More on that in a future blog.

Writing can be helpful to our growth in many other ways. We can write lists of gratitude, our goals, letters to express our feelings of love, letters to forgive, letters to tell someone off, even if we never send them. We can write our affirmations, prioritize to-do lists or express ourselves in stories, blogs, poems and autobiographies.

Writing a list of things to be grateful for is one of my favorite feel-good activities. Even when your life seems dark and difficult, we always have so many things to be grateful for. Try starting with one piece of paper and just listing the people, things, events and places you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised as to how many you will come up with. Gratitude is magic. Check out my blog titled “Gratitude”.

Putting our goals on paper is a great way to become clear about where we want to go. About two years ago, I wrote a list for each my career, perfect partner and home. I was specific enough to visualize (very important step) what it looks like, while still being open to interpretation from the universe. I am happy to say that last December I met my fiancé, in April I started my massage therapy business and in June we moved into our house together. My vision board also manifested itself in many areas. I will discuss how awesome those are in a future blog as well.

Expressing our feelings to another is a great way to really let trapped emotions flow. I feel so good when I write cards to my friends, family, and teachers. I write letters to my parents (especially my dad) and my exes to get my suppressed thoughts out. I don’t send them out, but the process is cathartic. Perhaps one day I will. I am going to write an email suggested in “The Miracle Morning” to ask those people closest to me what my strengths are and areas that I could use improvement in. I will ask them not to hold back and to be brutally honest. It will require much vulnerability on my part, but how else can I truly grow?

I love affirmations! Saying them over and over in my head, aloud, or writing them down and reading them is a powerful practice. My all-time favorite affirmations include “Step by Step, I get closer to living the life of my DREAMS. The road I travel will always lead EXACTLY where I need to be. I come from a place of PURE LOVE and UNWAVERING FAITH. I am INSPIRED by how far I have come and I am READY for the journey ahead” and “Money comes to me all the time”. These have been proven to me in countless instances in my life. Affirmations can take us to a completely different mindset and can drastically alter our perception. Some affirmations at first can seem awkward because they don’t feel true at the time, but like anything, with practice and repetition, it becomes our new life.

If I don’t write lists, I might not get anything done. I have gotten in the habit of starting my day writing three main tasks to accomplish and about how much time each will take. Typically, I finish these three and can confidently add more to my list. It’s also nice to get a visual on what needs to be done for the day instead of feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

I love that I am able to use writing as a means to express myself. I hope to help someone in my blog, I can get my emotions out in poetry, my autobiography will be available to anyone who is interested or at least it will allow my daughter to have a glimpse into my inner thoughts. I can also express myself through stories that have relation to my true life findings or lessons, or as a means to stretch my soul.

I am grateful I can write and have multiple forms to express this precious tool. Words are powerful. The first of the Four Agreements written by don Miguel Ruiz is “be impeccable with your word”. How you speak to yourself, others and about others is how we create our world.

I’d love to see what you’ve written! Email me at savannahfreemyer44@gmail.com

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