Money Is Not Evil

“Money is the root of all evil” is something I’ve heard many times in my life, uttered by so many people who, not surprisingly, don’t have it. Having lots of money or wanting to have a lot of it is somehow equated with greed. In defense of this view, there are indeed many greedy people in the world and those that see money as the end goal. I believe money itself is not bad and wanting it does not make you greedy.

Money is currency. It is a tool, a resource, it is energy. Money can carry a different currency based on how it is used. A $20 bill that you received for babysitting carries a different currency than the $20 you stole from your aunt’s purse when she wasn’t looking. Just like millions of dollars have been spent to fund wars, millions have been used to create schools, wells and support medical research to better life for those in need. Money itself is not good or bad, we have the choice to use currency how we see fit.

With money comes a voice. Do you really want to make a difference in this world? Money is a necessity if you want to see change. Personally, I want my friends and family who seek out love, truth and peace to have that voice. I want my loved ones to have the funds to create their most authentic life.

When I receive money for the multiple lines of income in my life, I am grateful. I can use this money to fulfill my purpose in life which is to help others find their purpose. My dream is a world where we all realize our unique and beautiful gifts, and have the courage and resources to share them. If I gave away my massage services for free, I would not be able to pay for my license, a beautiful office space, training, tools, healthy foods to keep my energy levels high or other means to keep my body (my biggest asset) running smoothly. With money, I can afford to give back to the community in the form of gift cards, donating to charities and purchasing better equipment for my clients. With money, I can find better ways to help serve others, which is my purpose.

With money, I can live my most authentic life. I can be a better me. Can you imagine if the musicians you love so much, the ones whose songs have gotten you through tough times didn’t have money? They wouldn’t be able to afford studio time or pay for instruments. You would never hear them on the radio or see them at your favorite bar if they didn’t have the funds to pay for those platforms. What if the authors you love so dearly did not have money? You would never read their published pages. What if your favorite movie had never been produced because funds were short?

Do not feel guilty asking for money for your services or a product you believe in! I love sharing my knowledge of essential oils for example. I am helping people solve a problem, so I do not view it as a sale for the sake of money. I am helping them solve many problems by sharing my knowledge, and they are helping me spread the word to others. With money, I am able to have a voice. I can use the money I make to support causes and people I believe in. You vote with your dollar, not a ballot. Every time you purchase something, you vote for more of that be it organic food options or poaching endangered animals.

I recommend reading “You Are A Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero for more amazing information about why money is a valuable resource and that wanting it does not make you a greedy pig.

I am grateful to money, because it allows me to lead my most authentic life.

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